Indriya Beach Resorts



Indriya is a beautiful five star beach hotel in Cherai. Its location was a blessing because of its beauty and a bane because it was teeming with competitors.

For a tourist, the reasons to visit Cherai were plenty. But why stay at Indriya which was priced higher and offered the same view?

We had to make it more than a property, we had to make it an experience. So we dug deep into the history of Cherai, uncovered its language, flavors and stories untold and etched into its branding, its walls and architecture. Making Indriya the only storyteller of the true ancestry of Cherai and the Muzris Culture. Crafted with one of the oldest scripts in the world, this work didn't just win us awards, it moved our hearts. Club Mahindra leased it out in a year and that was testimony enough.

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