Like oil & water, we don't merge but we stay together,
quenching thirsts & greasing cogs

Work is worship, sometimes a war-ship, always a fun ship eh?

A good mix of those with experience and the ones unburdened by it. Each craftier than the other. Individual voices, unmatched stories, fueled by varied inks and made of different metals. Makes a spectacularly mismatched cacophony of colors.

Meet The Team

Writer. Thinker. Standard raiser.

Shyam Vipin
Chief Creative Officer

Planner. Talker. Peace keeper.

Ramesh Ranganath
Group Account Director

Analyst. Pusher. Rein holder.

Kishore Ranganath
Director Finance & Operations

Researcher. Plotter. Problem - solver.

Parvathi Mohan
Brand Strategist

Ideator. Innovator. Pack - leader.

Amit Vishwakarma
Creative Director

Designer. Writer. Influencer.

Simi Sadanandan
Art Director

Illustrator. Artist. Creative Imagineer.

Juby Varghese
Art Director

Liaison. Reviewer. Time - keeper.

Reshma Suresh
Sr. Account Executive

Interface. Nagger. Relationship builder.

Varun Vinod
Jr. Account Executive

Tracker. Controller. Mother hen.

Renuka Nibu
Head Operations

Ideator. Deligator. Resource Keeper.

Anoop Chandran
Head - Activation & Engagement

Sourcer. Doer. Go-to-guy.

Nikhil K V
Executive Operations

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